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Auto Body Repair You Can Rely On In Albuquerque, NM


Let’s be honest: Auto body repair is not a pleasant task for you to have to seek out. Your vehicle is damaged, and naturally you want it back to normal as soon as possible. That’s where we come in. At ReCARnation, our friendly and honest auto body repair specialists are ready to turn your unpleasant circumstances into a positive experience.



Your Values-Driven Auto Repair Shop

At ReCARnation, our auto body repair experts all adhere to one primary objective:  Focusing on what matters most to you, our customer.  With this come our core values that define us as an organization and serve to reinforce your wise choice in bringing us your business.  These values are as relevant to auto body repair as to all aspects of trusting us with your vehicle:

  • timeliness
  • budget
  • quality
  • communication
  • expertise
  • capability


On top of all this, to make business most convenient for you, we even offer financing on auto body repairs!

Experienced and Certified Technicians

Every one of our auto body repair professionals is ASE Certified.  This means they’ve accomplished a series of rigorous ongoing training courses and examinations, in order to stay up to date on the very latest technologies and federal industry regulations.


Save on Your Insurance Deductible

ReCARnation will cover up to $250 on your accident insurance deductible.



Get a FREE Loveable Loaner Car

For qualified repair jobs, you’ll get a FREE loaner car while yours is in our shop.

As a national credential for automotive service professionals, ASE assists consumers like yourself in identifying the most qualified local auto body repair service. It also helps shops like ours in hiring competent professionals, which is precisely what we’ve done. We are proud and confident to say: Our expertise is your peace of mind.

Our Values, Your Confidence

Our auto body repair services are designed around our customers, our community and our team’s commitment to service. You’ll feel confident in choosing ReCARnation for our expertise, honesty and core values that define our model of business. Please call us anytime at 505-999-1987 for further information and to schedule an appointment.

Count on reCARnation for all your auto body repair needs. We want you to Love Your Car.


After a year of runaround, a ridiculous amount of money spent, and being LIED to by Larry H Miller, we finally took Kent's Jeep to Recarnation. They were honest, inexpensive and did the correction the FIRST time! What a concept. We have found our new home to fix our cars. Thanks everyone at Recarnation!!

-Melanie L. via Facebook

I bought a great car back in the beginning of 2013 and it's still good. I'm almost done paying it off. As long as you are in good communication they will work with you.

- A. Knapp via Facebook

Great people. Everyone has been very helpful. James is a great guy to talk to and he knows what he is talking about when it comes to finding the car you are looking for. From the owner to everyone else that works here, they all are great people to get to know. Thank guys. It's been a great experience buying my car from you.

- Israel M. via Facebook

Great team!!! They are trying to make a difference and willing to help. Got two cars from them. One I got for my Mom - 06' Pt Cruiser with 95k miles, second day after purchase I took a road trip to east coast 2200 miles, never have a problem. 34hrs later arrived at my mom house and never seen her happier. Now 3 years later she is continuing driving that same car with no issues. She has to replace some sensors, and brakes but I think it's normal and acceptable for a used car. I'm very thankful for the help and honesty that I received from the Recarnation team and God bless them. I will definitely recommend Recarnation to everyone , they will do things that nobody else will do for us.
Thank you for everything, Marc


-Mlody Polak via Facebook

World's best car rental and cheapest way to discover New Mexico! Great prices! Extremely nice and helpful people (we were late with giving the car back and they waited after their working hours!). Recarnation is reliable and trustworthy! Approved!

-Aneta G. via Facebook

I hope you're reading this while standing at a bus stop. Get on over to ReCARnation, immediately. I promise you, they will find a way to get you mobile again.., and replenish your spirit at the same time. Service BEYOND. Great inventory.., and the kindest staff I've ever experienced. Simply Incredible.

-Eden D. via Facebook

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2 Locations For All Your Automotive Needs

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